An ode to the honeymooners, the dreamers, the lovers and the travellers, Madi Lane’s latest collection ‘Memoirs’ is a tribute to the road trip of life, a grand tapestry of memories woven from meaningful moments. 

With radio soundtracks and windblown hair, the winding roads in her journey embody those of love and life – each a chapter in a journal of exciting and defining adventures. Snapshots of landmarks and milestones fill the pages of scrapbooks, documenting adventures to be shared.  

Inspired by the journey of life and all its moments, ‘Memoirs’ is our latest 20-piece collection of bridal designs created for those who love and live deeply. A creative compilation of gowns, each design finds its home in a beautifully diverse setting in the Australian landscape. Sunlight dances atop ocean waves and glittering sand dunes, as beaded embellishments glisten and tulle billows in the breeze. Desert rock formations and lush hidden gardens backdrop bold and soft silhouettes, highlighting and contrasting each detail and definition. 

Join the journey and experience our ‘Memoirs’. 

Memoirs White
Memoirs (1)


When less is always more… This season features an epilogue collection of minimalist designs for the contemporary bride. ‘Memoirs: The Epilogue’ is a dedication to the modern minimalist, a collection of 16 inspired gowns for the bride infatuated with the beauty of elegant simplicity.  

Featuring European buttery crepe, luxurious satins and organzas, with detailed lace accents, each gown a blank canvas for individualised styling and accessorising, speaking to the heart of the bride.