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Madi Lane wedding gowns with customised options.

Designed in Australia for brides around the globe, our mantra is exclusively inclusive. Sought-after signature fusion construction, fully inclusive size range, and customised options means every Madi bride has exactly the dress she dreams of.

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The recognition of size diversity has held important attention in the Madi Lane Bridal journey. Limiting the choices of beautiful wedding gowns by way of size is contrary to the inclusive mindset we seek to uphold. We like to call it, exclusively inclusive which reaffirms our commitment to supporting all women of the world towards fulfilling their desire to have the wedding dress they dream of. 

Made to order in size 2 to 28 (US), Madi Lane Bridal gowns use three key measurements to make up each pattern across the bust, waist and hip. Careful attention is given to how each design subtly changes as the sizes increase. Further tailoring can be sought externally by brides if required, but the breadth of foundation sizes are catered for in all styles. Length is also a tailored addition per each individual’s height in line with the chosen dress style.  

Customisable bust cups 

Importantly, the bust measurement is not always in line with the measurements of the rest of the body, so at Madi Lane Bridal we offer customised bust cup options. With extensive research and in collaboration with a premium lingerie manufacturer, our own exclusive bust cups are different to other labels, offering additional depth in the cup as well as width – more akin to bra cup sizing. These are then sewn into the bodice for total comfort and support. For this reason, brides are not required to wear an additional bra, as the bust cup is built into the dress.  

Women of the world come in all shapes and sizes, so personalisation is top of mind when our wedding dresses are designed. Our belief is that a broad range of wedding gowns should be available to all brides which cater to their individual body shape and size, as well as their individual spirit. In essence, Madi Lane offers the opportunity for all brides to find their bridal self, regardless of status, shape, size and stature 

The fit and construction of your wedding gown is just as important as the design elements and aesthetics. Correct internal construction shapes and enhances the body form providing support in all the areas that need it, ensuring you feel your most beautiful and confident. Equally as important is a high level of comfort and wear-ability – this is a dress you’re going to spend many hours in, so at Madi Lane Bridal, our construction is as important as the design itself.

Some wedding dress styles, use corset boning to add strength and structure to the bodice. It creates a cinched waist with shaping properties and prevents wrinkling of the corset fabric, keeping it smooth and taught. Mimicking whalebone used in the vintage era, our boning is specifically made from a lightweight plastic as it allows for movement and comfort, whilst still maintaining support. For this reason, brides are not required to wear an additional bra or shapewear, as the boning will comfortably stay in place. 

We give special attention to the amount of boning required for each size as they scale. The width of each individual bone is also unique as we have chosen optimal thickness which doesn’t bow and can flex from size 2 to 28. Support is only one factor in designing a corset, we also look at cut, fabrication and comfort. 

The appeal of corset boning is the distinctive hourglass shape, which comes from the appearance of a smaller waist. 

As a global brand, Madi Lane puts brides at the heart of their design decisions, so there is a thoughtful appreciation of the many different sizes, shapes, ages, ethnicities, and aesthetics which makes up brides across the world.  

With this in mind, choosing a brand which offers customisation on your wedding dress is very important – there is no such thing as one size fits all in bridal! At Madi Lane our options for wedding dress customisation include choices in fabric, colour, lining, embellishment, bust cups, and detachable elements.  

Ask your retailer what options are available for the dresses you have your eye on. Some brides may prefer a sleek, clean dress without pearls or embroidery, while other brides believe more is more and prefer a fully embellished gown with lace and sparkle. 

Align your sense of style to your choice of wedding dress fabrication, with a Madi Lane wedding gown that is made from either satin, suede satin, liquid satin, crepe, lace, organza, Chantilly lace, Alencon lace, Mikado, Shantung, or tulle. Together with your choice of soft jersey or charmeuse lining to stay comfortable all day long. Our lining comes in different shades, so you can match the lining to different skin tones, or aesthetic looks. 

Customisable bust cups 

Worthy of a specific mention is our addition of mainstream bra sizing to our Madi Lane Bridal Group ranges. These exclusive custom bra cups are offered to brides in recognition of diverse body shapes and support C-D and D-E bust cup options on top of our regular B-C standard sizing. With the additional depth in the cup as well as width, this allows a bride to size up 1 or 2 cup sizes which will enhance their fit and shape. 

At Madi Lane Bridal, our origins are what make us unique and special. Our team draws from a long line of bridal ancestors, who have passed along their expertise and knowledge across the generations as the foundation to how we approach design and the attention to detail which are hallmarks of our collections.  

Far from being stuck in the past, we have taken these learnings and apply an innovative mindset to keeping instep with how brides, their tastes, and values change over time. We uphold traditions, but are supremely modern in our design expression and curation of every wedding collection. 

The brand of Madi Lane is the brainchild of a modern Australian romantic, Elizabeth Young, a mother, a sister, and a mentor. Liz herself has more than 20 years’ experience in bridal retailing, designing, manufacturing supported by a team of fellow creatives, each of whom bring something exceptional to their shared mission: to deliver beautiful, unique, and affordable, designer Australian wedding gowns to the women of the world. 

Each Madi Lane creation is signed off with a sprig of Australian wattle – the delicate floral emblem that honours our Australian heritage, and is still a large part of the inspiration behind the designs. 

With the strong connection to Australian nature, some of the most popular Madi Lane wedding dresses are inspired by the flora beauty of botanical flowers and leaves. Seen in our stunning lace motifs, 3-Dimensional embroidered flowers, or vine-inspired leaves thoughtfully placed across the body and train. 

With the global headquarters for Madi Lane Bridal situated on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, our team lives and breathes an Australian sensibility, which embraces mixed cultures, and a deep awareness of the rich landscape surrounding us.