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THREE Is live


It’s time for Jeune to shine bright. Her campaign is now officially released. We’ve refreshed the website so take a look and experience three along with brides around the world. Social media moves into the launch phase over the next two weeks, as well as trunk shows in highlight, and gathering new leads for the lookbook.






All the campaign assets are now available in the Dropbox link below, so please take full advantage and support us in reaching as many brides as possible. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @jeune_bridal or Facebook @jeunebridal, hashtag #jeunebridal. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for new real bride content, so don’t forget to ask your brides to reach out through the marketing email or on the website.





Here’s some special news for our European team! Check out our Jeune website with the new language translator. It should automatically detect where you are located, or you can select your preferred language from the drop-down menu. Also available on Madi Lane and Evie Young.



Drive fresh excitement when the new collection is in your store. Whether you are hosting a Designer Retailer Event or your actual samples have arrived, choose from our curated content of each dress or the campaign assets to announce they are now available to try on.


Team Jeune

gance inspired by the extravagance of the European lifestyle and high-end fashion runways.

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Love Jeune x

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12 months in the making and now officially released around the globe. Scan the QR code below to receive the new Madi Lane Bridal Lookbook straight to your inbox.



Be your own goddess. Ceres is for every modern bride who is in love, with love. Our newest collection of 26 Australian designed gowns features modern styles that are both wildly romantic and on-trend.



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It is easier to describe who Madi Lane is by describing who she is not. She is not the observation of monotonous traditions. She is not a part of the pack. She is not a face in the crowd. She is not one in the same… she is everything that is ‘woman’. Madi Lane offers an opportunity to find the bridal ‘self ’, an offer extended to everyone regardless of status, shape, size and stature. 

She embraces the superego and flirts with her identity to reflect the essence of who she is. She is a champion of women and their individual distinctions. She is the brainchild of modern romantic, Elizabeth Young; a mother, a sister, a mentor. A woman with more than 20 years experience in bridal retailing, designing and manufacturing supported by a team of creatives, each of whom bring something exceptional to their shared mission: to deliver beautiful, unique and affordable designer wedding gowns to the women of the world.

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Clara Ml20038 Full Length A Line Gown With Deep V Neckline Fitted Waist All Over Embroidered Lace V Back And Zipper Closure Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal 1.jpg

Above all else, those behind the Madi Lane brand and Madi Lane brides are hopeful romantics who are in love, with love. Who turn away from trends and rewrite traditions. Who are driven by a passion for life and all its beauty. Who strive to capture modern, elegant simplicity and encapsulate it within keepsake gowns, and who do it all with passion and love for every Madi Lane bride. 

Each creation’s signature style is signed off with a sprig of wattle – the delicate floral emblem of Madi Lane. This is the first step in seeing that emblem travel to your corner of the globe. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey of discovery.

We invite you to run away with Madi Lane...


Madi Lane is an Australian-designed bridal label, with our design studio located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Our team of creatives pull their inspiration from the local sensibility, but with global vision and appreciation of fashion trends, bridal traditions, and the changing values of brides around the world. Through our teams, the mantra of exclusively inclusive is embedded which supports our commitment to offering beautiful wedding gowns in fully inclusive sizes. Every Madi Lane gown is available in size 2 to size 28 (US) so women of all shapes and sizes have access to a gown befitting their wedding vision. Combine this with thoughtful design approaches to embroidery and lace placements, superb construction for support and comfort, and customised options to suit skin tones and different aesthetics. Special attention is given to gowns which are lightweight compared to other brands, allowing for comfort and movement, so that every bride feels confident and comfortable during her celebration.

Madi Lane gowns are available to view and try on at our partner retailers. In the early weeks of a new collection release, the new dresses are featured as part of our traveling roadshow of monthly Designer Retailer Events. These events showcase a wider range of dresses for a limited time (usually 1-2 weeks). Visit our Events page to view the events in your area. Once collection samples have arrived for the new season, they are available to view and try on along with samples of past collections which remain in-store. Visit our retail stockists page to find the store nearest to you, and make an appointment.

Madi Lane gowns are available to purchase at 850 bridal retailers (and counting), in over 30 countries around the world. From local Australian beginnings, Madi Lane has grown to become a highly sought-after brand for brides and retailers alike. Whether visiting a quaint bridal village store steeped in tradition, or a stunning modern showroom, Madi Lane gowns feature strongly with each seasonal release.  Visit our retail stockists page to find the store nearest to you.

With an exclusively inclusive mindset, our commitment to offering beautiful wedding gowns in fully inclusive sizes means that every Madi Lane gown is available in size 2 to size 28 (US). See our sizing chart to view our standard pattern sizing. We are proud to offer women of all shapes and sizes access to a wedding gown befitting their bridal vision. In addition, Madi Lane has the option of customised bust cups, which have been designed in consultation with a premium lingerie manufacturer.

We are committed to making sure every bride receives their gown as quickly as possible. It is important that you have spoken with your retailer regarding your wedding date, as lead times do vary for our Madi Lane gowns. Your retailer will be able to give you the most accurate time frame for your chosen design/s, including your options for getting your dress sooner. The reason our gowns have different production times, is based on a variety of factors such as construction complexity, fabrication, availability, and shipping at any given time and location. We offer different options to our brides, which includes standard delivery, rush orders, and in some cases immediate shipping. Some gowns can therefore be produced quicker than others, so contacting your retailer is the first step. As with all bridal brands, please allow time for standard production, plus any bespoke tailoring you may want to commission for personal alterations. If you haven’t already visited a retailer, please see our retailer stockists page to find the one nearest to you.

Madi Lane gowns are created to a carefully formulated patterning standard that reflects women’s dimensions from size 2 to size 28 (US). Despite being designed in Australia, all our Madi Lane patterns are based on US sizing as the globally understood standard. When our brides attend their appointments at their retailer, they are carefully measured and then compared to our sizing standard. The recommended dress size is the one that is closest to her measurements, allowing for any bespoke alterations the bride may like to commission with a tailor of her choice. Please view our Madi Lane sizing chart to give you an indication of the dress size that will best suit your body shape and dimensions. Unless a bride is purchasing an existing sample from a retailer, all Madi Lane gowns are made to order. That means, once she has chosen her design, placed the order, and met the terms and conditions of the retailer, the production of the gown commences.

All Madi Lane gowns are designed with modification in mind. Simply put, one size fits all does not exist in the bridal world, and we want to make sure every bride’s vision is possible. Her unique personality, physical shape, style, and theme, means she will be looking for a dress that feels distinctive. It is important to note, that changes to the fundamental design of the gown are not possible, although Madi Lane offers a number of customised options which includes choices in fabrication, embellishment, length, lining and colour. These are selected at the time of the order, and are not able to be changed once confirmed. If a bride decides she would like further bespoke alterations, she is able to personally commission this with a tailor of her choice.

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