Des Fleurs - Australia

Des Fleurs

A collection that delivered on the promises it made: promises of fluid movement, of invitations to dance, of animated florals come to life, of relaxed sophistication, of comfortable confidence and undying obsession

A love affair with France started in the most unlikely of places: Byron Bay, the most Easterly point of Australia, at a beautiful venue which is a perpetual source of inspiration and still serves as a favourite location in which to shoot. Best described as a chateau, Deux Belettes is a Francophile’s dream with its pebbled pathways, stone walls and farmhouse charm.
The location quite literally set the tone for the shoot and wanting to exhibit a level of warmth and romanticism so far uncaptured, the golden hues of the architecture and the soft light of a slightly overcast day transported the gowns and the Madi Lane team to Provence. Sometimes everything just falls into place and the results are more amazing than ever thought possible. Brides from all over the world started responding to the collection in a big way, with the detachable off shoulder Elora strapless being pinned and shared hundreds of thousands of times and totally unprepared for what lay ahead, it was clear that the essence of romance and the exuberance of youth had been effectively bottled and labelled Des Fleurs by Madi Lane Bridal.

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