Paris - France


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

It wasn’t Jean Paul Satre or Albert Camus who said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” but the inimitable Italian, Leonardo Da Vinci and it was this singular phrase that was the inspiration for the Paris collection made up predominantly of luxuriant French crepe. As one might expect this collection features sleek silhouettes, however the heroins of this story are the many detachable options and even the occasional full skirt. No more is crepe not for the fuller figure with the Paris collection ushering in a new age for this time-honoured bridal fabric and opening it up, quite literally, to a whole new world of devotees.


Shot in a city under siege, under police escort, atop an iconic landmark normally swarming with people, now abandoned, sirens gave way to silence and the new collection was born out of a quiet suspense and uncommon reverence. Having waited with baited breath, a piece of Paris is now yours to own.


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