Kylie & Michael

Madi Lane bride Kylie tied the knot with her sweetheart Michael wearing our AVERY gown in gorgeous Chicago city. We’re obsessed with the industrial city slick vibes their wedding gives off!


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Where did you find ‘the one’, and why did you choose that gown?


I found my gown at a bridal boutique by my house called “The Crystal Bride”. I tried on a lot of dresses and I wasn’t having that feeling that I think you’re supposed to feel when you find ‘the one’, but the second I tried on Avery, I knew right away. The gown is elegant & romantic and that’s how I wanted to feel on my wedding day!


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How did you meet?


He was a loyal client at the salon I used to work at. The girl who would cut his hair suggested we go on a date. He never had the guts to ask me, so one time when he came in for an evening hair appointment, I asked him if he wanted to go get a drink after! Rest was history.

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Tell us your proposal story.


He proposed. About a year ago we bought our first house together and one day we took our dog for a walk and before I knew it he was on one knee after the walk in our backyard.

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Where did you get married? Tell us about the location, and style of your wedding.


Chicago, IL. We got married in an industrial old factory. All exposed brick, floor to ceiling windows and a massive skylight. It felt so magical. I knew I didn’t want a hotel or banquet wedding. I wanted something warm & romantic & different!



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What was your favourite moment from the big day?


My now husband and I are both Italian. So after dinner our catering staff passed out limoncello shots to everyone. And we said a toast and a thank you to our guests for coming.

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What advice would you share with future Madi Lane brides?


Don’t settle! There is definitely a feeling that happens when you find the right dress. Just be patient. Madi Lane dresses are beautiful! I was in between 3 different ML dresses and went with the Avery!

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Dress: Avery

Photographer: Gabrielle Daylor

Venue: City Hall Events

Madi Lane Stockist: The Crystal Bride

Florist: Shamrock Floral