Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period of the past. 

Karis Ml23612 Keller Ml23104 Kenzie Ml23462 Kami Ml23588 Runway 4

Returning to New Zealand, where we launched our first-ever international collection five years ago. Join us as we explore Nostalgia. A collection inspired by a yearning for the familiar whilst forging new pathways. 

Each garment is lovingly designed with thoughtful artistry, detail and expert craftsmanship.
 Introducing 29 gowns that speak to the signature Madi Lane design featuring embellishments of lace, bead, pearl and 3D accents coupled with new and revolutionary design aesthetics. A collection dedicated to our romantic, minimalistic, sexy, elegant, and daring Madi Lane brides. 

Nostalgia is an ode to the brides looking for something different; something uniquely them. Find yourself enveloped in delicate botanic inspired lace, pearls, luxury fabrics and carefully placed sequins.   

Kara Ml23388 Runway 48
Kaylin Ml23411 Runway 10

Like the sun sets and rises, all that was once bathed in light- shimmering and shining- returns again.  

She reminds herself of the moments of the past, that yearn to be lived again. 

Kaiya Ml23133 Runway 32
Kara Ml23388 Runway 30
Kelsey Ml23017 Runway 25

An ode to memories, past and future. 

A collection designed for the intensely in love. 

Kendall Ml23222 Runway 38
Kalani Ml23001 Runway 8
Kaiya Ml23133 Runway 43
Keaton Ml23219j Runway 5


She’s classic but not simple, with floral jacquard, this dress shines beneath the sunlight to reveal delicate floral etchings in the fabric. Transform your wedding style from ceremony to reception with removable off-the-shoulder straps to reveal a dreamlike sweetheart neckline. 

For the bride who envisions herself to be modern, transformative and unlike the rest. 

Kinsley Ml23022sh Keaton Ml23219sh Runway 5
Kyla Ml23051 Kendall Ml23222 Runway 56
Krysta Ml23344 Runway 3


Simple isn’t in her vocabulary with a grand full skirt, plunging V-neckline and sparkly embroidered details. Kyann is versatile, fitting right in at intimate garden parties and large ballroom filling events. Shine under the moon light or take centre stage under the chandelier with her glitter tulle skirt and sequins. 

Find Kyann roaming the fields of picturesque Italian wineries, basking beneath the golden sun on a private beach surrounded by her loved ones or exploring the streets of New York with her love and a photographer- Sex and the City style.  

Kyann Ml23490 Runway 1
Keeley Ml23199 Runway 10
Kapri Ml23160 Runway 7
Kyla Ml23051 Runway 34
Karis Ml23612 Keller Ml23104 Kenzie Ml23462 Kami Ml23588 Runway 20
Keeley Ml23199 Runway 15


The non-traditional bride shines in mini gowns. Perfect for running down the long hallways of upscale hotels with your love, popping bottles for extravagant champagne towers or dancing the night away beneath the shimmering and glimmering disco ball.  

Keely is made for the modern bride who isn’t afraid of being a little *extra*, with 3D floral embellishments and puff sleeves.  

Kelsey Ml23017 Runway 25
Kyla Ml23051 Kendall Ml23222 Runway 58
Kole Ml23539 Runway 2


Ornate lace adorns ‘KRYSTA’ making her the ultimate collision of luxury and femininity.  

Designed thoughtfully for the bride who wants refined opulence with slimline body-hugging silhouettes, romantic sweetheart necklines and soft sequinned touches. 

Find Krysta beneath the stars deep in the European countryside, dancing with her love in a reclaimed aeroplane hangar or exploring the halls of a museum after hours.  

Krysta Ml23344 Runway 26

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